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For most operators, verification of GHG Emissions Data Reports is mandated annually. Some operators may verify once every three years. (For more info on the regulations themselves, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.)

Regardless of your schedule, verification is a mandatory part of complying with California law.


What is it?

Verification is an independent audit of your company’s GHG Emissions Data Report. In general, this process involves a third party (the Verification Body) inspecting the relevant records used to build your report. These records generally consist of fuel purchase invoices, fuel use measurement data, direct source measurements from Continuous Emissions Monitoring Devices, QA/QC procedures, careful inspection of the facility and all emissions sources, receipts, and employee interviews.

The overarching concern from a verifier’s standpoint is: is there a reasonable assurance that the data is representative of the facilities actual emissions?


How long does the Process Take?

Verification is entirely dependent on the size of your facility, the complexity of your operation, and of course, the relative organization (or dis-organization) of your Emissions Data. However, the verifier will have a good idea of their expected end date when they make an initial inspection of your facility and the data you have available. 


How Do I Choose the Verifier?

You should choose your verifier based on the verification team’s expertise in your particular field. You should also be aware that a verification body must have verifiers certified for your particular facility if you are in the electricity, cement, or refinery sector.

GHG Analytical is currently certified to perform verifications for all types of facilities except cement. That means that our verification team will understand your facility and will not waste any time trying to catch up to the speed of your business. Of course, don’t take our word for it! When you are speaking to our verifiers, feel free to request their qualifications.


I Have Chosen My Verifier - What Next?

Be prepared for your verification! The most often requested documents are the following:

  • Data spreadsheets
  • Process diagram of all emissions sources and fuel meters
  • Data management system
  • Description & access to system with guidance on use
  • Instrument maintenance and calibration records (fuel meters)
  • Fuel purchase and metering data
  • Documentation of training for employees involved with fuel sampling methods
  • Internal QA/QC procedures
  • Change log describing all changes to methods/procedures for compiling GHG data (Required in regulations)