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Before California mandated GHG reporting, a large number of businesses voluntarily reported their emissions to organizations such as the Climate Registry and the Western Climate Initiative. In doing so, these companies created a “GHG Emissions Inventory” to keep track of their energy spending.

Why would companies voluntarily do this? Two reasons:

1) forward thinking businesses anticipated the new regulatory environment and wanted to get ahead of the game; and

2) monitoring energy usage was an excellent way to save a ton of money.

Today, almost every big business in the world is jumping on the efficiency bandwagon. It’s not politics, it’s their bottom line. Even if you don’t have to report your emissions this year, or you barely fall under the cusp of the 25,000 CO2e metric tons cap, an accurate and clear picture of energy use can often provide a company with significant savings. GHG Analytical’s GHG Inventory and Energy Audits can save your organization money while also giving your company the added marketing tool of “going green.”


How we Can Create Your Inventory

If you’re already reporting, creating your inventory is not much additional work. The process primarily involves more comprehensive data capture and document retention. An accurate and comprehensive GHG Emissions Inventory program can not only save you money in efficiency, but it can significantly streamline your Reporting requirements and save you a lot of time and money down the road.

By hiring GHG Analytical to create your Inventory, you can also rest assured that your inventory program is doing double duty; increasing efficiency and also assisting your team with California Emissions Protocols compliance.  Our inventory will ensure that your verifier has the tools they need to quickly and efficiently issue their verification opinion.