This is GHG Analytical’s Carbon Counter Widget. The Widget displays live carbon dioxide levels in air, measured by one of GHG Analytical’s greenhouse gas monitors at our headquarters in South San Francisco. The monitor is constantly measuring the content of CO2 in air from the roof of our building and uploading this data to a central database, and from there onto our website. Once turned on, the monitor does its thing 24/7, auto calibrates, and requires no human interaction whatsoever. This is just a small example of the ease-of-use and automation that GHG Analytical can bring to your business. GHG Analytical also sets up “live” monitors that can display CO2 levels in air in a public setting, such as in a coffee shop or on a public street. These monitors can communicate with the web and relay their data anywhere in the world, and are part of our ambitious plan to make real, live CO2 in-air data as common as knowing the weather or the time.

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